Client Recommendations

Here's what JaneEllen's clients have to say about her superior customer service!

Peter Beck and Ken Bertsch

Our experience with JaneEllen Saums and Joan Bready, our second time using this indefatigable team, remains unparalleled. We have, we reckon, bought and sold some 14 house and would like to think we've learned a thing or two. One thing we've learned for certain: whether buying or selling, you absolutely need a real estate agent. I cannot tell you the number of times even a small bit of information or insight has saved us substantially. We've bought and sold in many jurisdictions: the laws and the protocols in each one differ greatly. It saves time and money simply to have an expert guide. In terms of searching for the perfect new home, we found JaneEllen and Joan to be remarkably resilient (we are peripatetic in searches and will describe one ideal space and then immediately smitten by something altogether different in every way). The teammates give judicious counsel, invariably show us options we'd never thought of, negotiate with real skill, and handle the minutiae of closings and the attendant paperwork effortlessly. We may not move in the near future, but we know that should the mood ever strike us to sell and buy, we can count on JaneEllen and Joan to be there for us (as they did in this latest transaction: the clock was ticking, competition from other buyers was fierce and we were really smitten by the house). Whether you're an experienced home buyer, seller or someone for whom the entire process is new and daunting, you'd be wise to give JaneEllen and Joan a call. They have our complete trust and our everlasting thanks!

Sarah Cheseldine

JaneEllen was SO helpful to us to find a new home to rent. She was always extremely professional and patient, had the right answers, and was able to help us find a place in enough time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Kelley Miller

We have greatly appreciated the time, effort and skills you put into selling the apartment—especially through the holiday season and in spite of us being on the other side of the world. You have been outstanding. Your quick response time, thoroughness, and dedication are impressive. We look forward to recommending you to our friends and will definitely hire you again when we start the search for our next home.

Sarah Richards

JaneEllen’s level of service was fabulous! She capably assessed my needs and tailored her approach accordingly.

Tammy Riggins

Excellent service. JaneEllen answered all of my questions, was positive, and very helpful!

Peter Beck

Excellent service! JaneEllen listened to us, was patient, understanding, diligent, prompt, bore our broad range of possibilities with good humor, and performed outstanding due-diligence at critical moments. She was essential to our finding the perfect new home — and she succeeded!

Shalini Mehta

JaneEllen was responsive, professional, respectful, and tenacious. She made herself very available for questions and worked hard to get this transaction to closing and officially sold. This is a testament to her good work, perseverance, and patience.

Angie Lantagne

Thank you Jane Ellen!!! I really think you're great and I will be referring whenever possible to you! You are THE BEST!!!!!

Marie and Ruben McCann

JaneEllen was awesome! She was wonderful and went above in her help in finding us a place. . . She was the greatest!

Brett Terrell

So thank you again for all of your help as the transition was seamless and the knowledge and sincerity you bring to your work should be applauded. This was a wonderful experience! I will certainly use you again!

Ginny and Jon Hornung

We couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received from JaneEllen. We have said many times, “we couldn’t have done this move without her.” She went above and beyond to see us taken care of.